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Why Is Your Soil pH Important?

Turf has specific pH requirement for optimum growth, and as we say it at ELM, “if you start from the ground up, together, we can make informed decisions about your lawn management”. For this reason, it is important to do annual soil tests in order to get the data for a soil specific program for your commercial landscape to properly dial in your fertilization and liming.

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Creating your service specifications

This is the time of the year in which property managers and facility directors should start thinking about a clear set of landscape services specifications. Your landscape maintenance spec is the blueprint for the care of your landscape asset. As you know, property management professionals in Fairfield and Westchester counties look to showcase their landscape presentation for their tenants and prospective tenants. Your service level specifications are how you communicate your property’s expectations to the service provider and they in turn, can respond with a targeted and competitive proposal.

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