Creating your service specifications

service specifications landscaping

This is the time of the year in which property managers and facility directors should start thinking about a clear set of landscape services specifications. Your landscape maintenance spec is the blueprint for the care of your landscape asset. As you know, property management professionals in Fairfield and Westchester counties look to showcase their landscape presentation for their tenants and prospective tenants. Your service level specifications are how you communicate your property’s expectations to the service provider and they in turn, can respond with a targeted and competitive proposal.

As your landscape matures, your specifications need to adapt to the changes of shrubs and trees growing is size, building usage alterations and the overall goals of ownership. If you haven’t revised your landscape spec in a few years, start with an evaluation of past couple of years to see how you current program benefits your site and perhaps how certain areas and operations no longer align with or meet your goals.  A key element of your review is to identify and budget for enhancements which can freshen and revitalize an entry, signage or another key element of your landscape. Once this is complete, specifications can be modified to best represent your landscapes needs and expectations to provide a clear, working document for you and your provider.

Do you need help or a quick review?

At ELM we will be happy to provide a complete site analysis for your review. We can develop a scope of service to meet your goals, within a suitable budget for your property this season.