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Why Is Your Soil pH Important?

Turf has specific pH requirement for optimum growth, and as we say it at ELM, “if you start from the ground up, together, we can make informed decisions about your lawn management”. For this reason, it is important to do annual soil tests in order to get the data for a soil specific program for your commercial landscape to properly dial in your fertilization and liming.

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Crabgrass Invading Your Commercial Property?

With summer started, the hot and dry weather begins, and with it comes optimal conditions for crabgrass. As a commercial property manager, now is the time to work with your landscape services provider to insure the proper preventive and control applications take place. These preventive actions will preserve the quality of your turf and the curb appeal of your property.

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How to provide a healthy and beautiful landscape while reducing water use

Did you know you can save water, but also reduce costs by switching to smart irrigation controllers? In irrigation, water usage can be reduced by 20-33 percent by optimizing heads and switching to new smart controllers. By doing so, you can make the most quantifiable ROI with simple additions or eliminations to your current system. This system has built-in saving features that adjust to the weather conditions.

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