What property owners and managers need to know.

It’s no secret that maintaining a healthy commercial landscape is a big job. And although it may seem that all commercial landscape contractors do the same thing, thanks to smart technologies and automation, there is a stark difference in the way commercial landscape and grounds services are delivered. 

The most obvious difference is impact on commercial real estate value. Landscapes need to look good all year-round, reduce risk, and deliver higher returns all while making a lasting impression. 

This is where ELM comes in to deliver big wins.

If you have multiple service providers for your commercial property, it is time to start thinking about the benefits of having a single-source provider for all of your needs. A single-source provider simplifies the process of managing your commercial property, reducing the number of companies you need to contact.

There is also the potential for cost savings through reduced overhead and administrative burdens. A single service provider is accountable for your commercial site needs; from mowing the grass to plowing the snow.

When hiring a landscaping company, it is important to look for certain characteristics.

  1. How long have they been in business?
  2. What is their client retention rate?
  3. Do they offer year-round maintenance services: snow removal, irrigation, landscaping?
  4. What benefits do they provide? Such as working with low-noise equipment, etc…?

We want to be the trusted adviser for your commercial property. Our team of experts provides a range of single-source services to help you maximize your time so you can focus on other critical building management issues.

We’re using technology to close gaps in communication, service delivery, and efficiency, and making it easy for you to work with us with a level of consistency that will outperform our competition every time.  

We don’t take your return on investment lightly. You deserve the best. We offer nothing less.

  1. Meticulous about clean and complete. No task left undone.
  2. Can sweat the small stuff. No drama.
  3. Proactive about little things before they become big things.
  4. Make suggestions that make you look good.
  5. Willing to go above and beyond.
  6. Prepared, trained, and experienced emergency response.
  7. Highly responsive and easy to reach.

Our maintenance plan services can include:

If you’re a commercial property and facility manager seeking quality, excellence and cost-efficient contracting services for your landscape and grounds, working toward LEED accreditation or greater sustainability, ELM is your partner of choice. 

Member BOMA Southern Connecticut and BOMA Westchester County.

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