Why Is Your Soil pH Important?

landscaping turf height

Turf has specific pH requirement for optimum growth, and as we say it at ELM, “if you start from the ground up, together, we can make informed decisions about your lawn management”. For this reason, it is important to do annual soil tests in order to get the data for a soil specific program for your commercial landscape to properly dial in your fertilization and liming.

Trees, shrubs and turf each have a preferred range of soil acidity, and when the pH level is too low or high, nutrient takeup and plant health are impacted. In a nutshell, when pH is out of range, only a small percentage of applied fertilizer and its nutrients are absorbed by the root zone. This does not benefit the plants and turf, or the maximization of your budget.

Maintaining the pH of your soil is a critical component of your turf, tree and shrub care program. As a general rule in Westchester and Fairfield counties, most sites will need a lime application every 2- 4 years. The best way to determine the frequency and the amount of lime needed is a site specific soil test.

If you feel like you need a hand… or not sure when the last lime application was to your turf…always remember ELM is here to guide you through this process. We care about your commercial property and want to give you the right program to fit your needs and the needs of your turf, trees and shrubs!