ELM has committed significant human and equipment resources to be the recognized leader in water conservation and water management in our marketplace.

Many sites, based on the convergence of a maturing landscape with the original irrigation design intent, suffer from either a lack of watering or overwatering. Often, to make up for a lack of water due to an inefficient system, many areas end up being overwatered. This impacts overall landscape presentation, plant health and vigor and water usage costs. Property managers and facility directors may not realize that up to 50 percent of a commercial buildings water usage is in irrigation systems. An average benchmark for an acre of commercial property, landscape water usage can be 900,000 gallons a year. With a larger property, this can be a large COST.

In performing irrigation system water audits for our select clients, ELM has found water usage can be reduced by 20-33 percent by optimizing heads and switching to new smart controllers. Taken together, this saves on water costs, improves plant health and positions your site for possible LEED and sustainability initiatives. Return on investment is typically three- to five-years. Water bill cost savings can reach 30 percent or more.

So, whether it’s time to add smart landscape sensors or other water-efficient sprinkler technologies, our team of water management experts can help you navigate these complex issues and help you save money.

Tech Adjusts Water Pressure for Commercial Irrigation System


Switching to smart controllers can make the most quantifiable ROI. With simple additions or eliminations to your existing irrigation system you will see a significant return on your investment, and in some cases within one year or less.

Before any design work begins, our team becomes familiar with the current resources of the site and gains an understanding of your priorities. We then develop a plan that leverages the existing elements and incorporates new sustainable resources to create a well-balanced environment.

Our team of designers and craftsmen can bring your landscape or hardscape to life through incremental improvements, such as the addition of a water feature or patio, or a complete redesign and build out.

Consider these five changes:
  • Pressure Reduction
  • Rain Sensor
  • Efficient Irrigation Heads
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Smart Controller

ELM can evaluate your existing system for performance or recommend the right irrigation system for your property. We use innovative technologies, products and practices to maximize water-use efficiency. We can even customize your irrigation schedule based on water requirements, quality and availability.


A comprehensive audit of your landscape irrigation system will provide you with actionable advice that can generate water savings of 15-20 percent with near-term ROI.

Our expert audit will provide actionable information including:
  • Analysis of water requirements and irrigation use
  • Creation of irrigation schedules
  • Recommended maintenance practices
  • Estimate of potential dollar and water savings
Tech Adjusts Commercial Irrigation System

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