A Partnership with ELM Saves Schools More Than Money.

Based on feedback received from our independent school relationships, we have been able to reduce costs by 15-35% while improving the campus landscape presentation.

A Partnership with ELM Saves Schools in Connecticut and New York More Than Money.

Today’s challenging educational landscape is forcing independent schools to rethink their budget allocations. Tuitions have climbed as schools have hired more faculty and personnel, paid increasing health benefits, and added curricular and extracurricular programs, all while keeping class sizes small. Plus, with growing competition (for-profits, charters, and virtual schools), demographic changes, and a slow economic recovery, it is no wonder independent schools are understandably motivated to find new ways to best position their balance sheets.

Benefit from the convenience of an experienced, single-source provider for all of your landscape needs.

Every organization is limited in the resources it can devote to any given task. ELM works closely with independent schools to maximize the campus landscape presentation while reducing cost and reallocating staff to vital operations at the institution. Our positive, 40-year track record of serving many of the finest and largest commercial sites and independent schools in Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven counties, ensures that we know operational and horticultural best practices.

A Partnership with ELM Saves Schools More Than Money.

We understand each independent school’s needs are unique.

Whether it is a need for large operations only – mowing, mulching, fall cleanups, snow services – or a full-service, campus-wide approach to grounds maintenance, the cost savings coupled with an improved landscape presentation and reduced management interface, is an equation that adds up.

Your Mission

… is educating, nurturing and growing your students, developing exceptional faculty and curriculums, thereby providing an outstanding education and experience. Is buying and maintaining equipment, hiring and training landscape crews, managing the peaks and valleys of spring and fall vs. summer, attempting to schedule and control overtime for graduation, homecoming and sporting events a critical element your fundamental mission? Let ELM not only save costs, but allow your leadership team – finance, facilities, athletic director and even the headmaster – more time and resources to devote to your core mission.

A Partnership with ELM Saves Schools in CT and NY More Than Money.

Do you want to save 15-35% on your current landscape service needs?

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