ELM landscape management services can help commercial real estate owners and property managers boost property value and return on investment four ways: quality of work, staying on budget, reliability and experience of a trained team, and a high-level of customer service.

We know how much commercial real estate professionals care about how properties look. And how it looks starts with our ability to deliver a great result, a great process and an understanding of how to increase market value.

But because the aesthetics are also important—to you and to your tenants, employees and customers—our landscape maintenance service plan will always include an emphasis on the best ways to achieve curb appeal, site safety, and plant health.

Our commercial landscape team and front-line crews are hands-on, highly trained and knowledgeable, and committed to doing whatever it takes to create and add value, and be your landscape services partner of choice.

Commercial Landscape Management Services:

Landscape maintenance
Flowering plants, ornamental borders, and shrubs
Green roofs
Integrated pest management
Irrigation and water management
Lawn aeration & overseeding
Pest and disease control
Plant health care
Property Enhancements
Seasonal color rotation
Site health and safety
Soil health
Tenant amenities
Tree and shrub pruning
Turf fertilization
Walkways, bike paths, outdoor spaces
Water conservation technology
Weed control
Emergency response

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