Let us monitor the weather and give you confidence that your property is safe for pedestrians and drivers, and that your risk is reduced.

Snow and Ice Management

In a typical three-to-five inch snowstorm in Westchester, New Haven, and Fairfield counties, ELM crews use about 275 to 350 tons of salt alone. With that in mind, protecting landscape investments is top priority.

ELM has delivered safe, effective and timely snow services to some of Fairfield County’s largest, difficult and demanding sites for over 30 years. Our proactivity, site-specific game plan, real time meteorological information and full commitment insure safety and satisfaction.

We use innovative and environmentally friendly products that provide maximum benefit without taking a toll on your budget. At our yard, we mix liquid additives to salt to improve its potency for the safety of our clients’ sites.

Before predictions of the heavy snowstorms come true, it makes sense to have a commercial property snow removal plan in place. An experienced and eco-friendly snow service provider can design a custom plan that ensures safety and combats environmental damage.

Our snow and ice services include:

24/7 preparedness in wintry weather
Pre-season and pre-storm planning
Snow removal –  Sidewalk and roadway plowing and clearing
Dependable estimates and pricing
A customized snow plan that utilizes our own eco-friendly salt

We Were Featured!

ELM was featured in Snow Business Magazine

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