How to make your landscape tough enough, strong enough and healthy enough to weather a long, hot summer.

With summer right around the corner, resilience is our number one landscape goal. But what does that mean?

Heat poses significant risk to human and plant health. To combat and offset the increase in extreme weather, and its impacts on entire landscapes,  we’ve become a leader in efforts to increase landscape resilience.

One successful way to do this is with a combination of Plant Health Care and Water Management–two approaches that help plants be less susceptible to pests and disease and, at the same time, encourage growth and blooming and the visual aesthetics that make a difference in how your property looks and performs.

Start small. Look underground for early signs of trouble. 

A healthy plant adds no value if it’s overwatered or under-watered, or if poor soil texture affects uptake of vital nutrients.  

  • Improve soil structure. Plant growth depends on two natural resources—soil and water. Healthy soil is the key to improving water use efficiency through better drainage and absorption, strengthening root systems, and supporting the ability of the microorganisms below ground to nourish and sustain what grows about ground.
  • Strengthen plant health. Bio-stimulants and biological control products are essential to keep plants free from pests and disease. Combining fertilization and insect control can prevent problems from occurring and save money when the need to replace plants is at least twice as much (if not more) than simply investing in diagnostic and actionable care up-front.
  • Be smart about water. A healthy plant adds no value if its overwatered or underwatered, or if poor soil texture affects uptake of vital nutrients and the right amount of water. Improve irrigation efficiency with digitally controlled water management technology to protect plant health and water quality and keep water and cost from going down the drain.

ROI is the best KPI

High-performing landscapes are good for business.

If you’re benchmarking key performance indicators to meet climate action goals, or making green performance improvements for 2030 and beyond, the health of your landscape and strategies you deploy to bring your site up to speed on sustainability is an action item.

There is no better time to improve landscape performance than summer. And no better way to add immeasurable value and return on performance than an investment in plant health care and water management.

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