Snow certification reduces risk. Here’s why.

ELMs membership in the Accredited Snow Contractors Association and the Snow and Ice Management Association means that when we serve your campus, healthcare facility, or commercial property in winter, our certified snow and ice teams not only abide by higher safety standards, but our work will result in lower insurance costs for everyone.

Our value to you is more than just reducing your liability.  Our commitment to certification and ongoing training reflects an all-encompassing sense of urgency and attention to safety and quality that makes us a strategic partner on your risk management team.

As snow contractors, we take hazard management seriously. We are working harder to have the right information at our fingertips, to work with safety and insurance advocates, and you, our customers, to manage your risk from the best possible perspective.

All ELM territory managers hold ASM (Advanced Snow Management)-certifications from Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), which mean they can handle your worst winter weather challenge no matter how extreme it gets.

Contact Client Relations Manager Sandy Rice to learn more about ELMs quality winter management system, including emergency preparedness, storm tracking, contingency planning, risk reduction strategies, and proactive property safety services working together for your benefit.  Mobile: 203.223-8784   Email:


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Preparing Your Commercial Property for the Snow Season – Part II

At this point in time, your snow preparedness plan should have most of the major components in place. The remaining fine tuning of operations and communications will only allow for a smoother operation, and less stress for all involved. Most of the remaining tasks should be completed regardless of whether the service is being performed internally or by an outside contractor. These functions are general conditions and apply to overall snow and ice management.

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Preparing Your Commercial Property for the Snow Season – Part I

Whether you are self-performing snow operations or utilizing the services of an outside contractor, there are several pre-planning tasks to complete to minimize liability issues. The greater amount of communications between the facilities department, end users (tenants, employees, etc.), and service providers (internal or external) will provide a higher level of success in managing a winter event.

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Snow Plowing in CT

A Salt Eco-Friendly Plan For The Winter

As we head into the winter season, facility managers in Westchester and Connecticut are concerned about what happens with the treatments of salt on roadways and walkways when potential residual salt may remain on the treated surface. For this reason, ELM is prepared with plenty of a more environmentally-friendly road salt. Site safety and timely accessibility are what property managers place first.

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Snow Certification CT

Eastern Land Management Employees Earn Prestigious Snow Training Certification from the Snow & Ice Management Association

The Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) has announced ELM as the first company in the country to earn the Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) title after employees individually completed (and passed) a four-part, snow operations training program set by the organization. ELM currently has 10 Advanced Snow Managers on staff – the most for any single company.

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Warning: Your De-icing Plan Could be Hazardous to the Environment

One of the biggest challenges for salt and snow crews during harsh winter weather and severe snow, is balancing the need for safety and response time to client sites while providing a cost effective service. And, with that, comes growing concern about what happens to the salt that coats roadways and walkways when the residual inevitably stays in the environment.

As we head into the heart of the winter season (mid-January to the end of February being the snowiest in CT, in particular), ELM is stocked and ready to go with plenty of the white stuff – not snow, but approximately 1,200 tons of our own environmentally-friendly road salt.


Significant amounts of salt is needed to keep grounds ice-free. In fact, about 275 to 350 tons of salt is used by ELM crews in a typical three- to-five inch snowstorm in Westchester, New Haven and Fairfield counties alone. With that in mind, protecting landscape investments is top priority.

At our yard, we mix liquid additives to salt to improve its potency for the safety of our clients’ sites. Calcium chloride provides efficacy in low temps when salt becomes ineffective; pulverized and liquefied tree roots diminishes the environmental impact of the mix; and a corrosion preventer additive lessens damage to hard surfaces. A liquid ingredient also triggers a quicker reaction to snow and ice, plus binds to the pavement to prevent a slippery glaze of ice and snow.

The End Result?
A high-quality product that reduces the amount of salt needed on the ground by nearly 30 percent! This, in turn, lends itself to a lower cost to our clients and less environmental impact all while improving performance during cold winter temperatures – so your business can be kept running safely no matter the weather. A win-win all around!

So, before the predictions of the heavy snowstorms that will overcompensate for the mild winter thus far come true, it makes sense to have a snow removal plan in place. An experienced and eco-friendly snow service provider can design a custom plan that ensures safety and combats environmental damage.

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Off Season Training


In today’s world, the best athletes have a rigorous off season training program to be fully ready for the competition of game time.  It’s the same thing for our snow services team. Even though winter is three to four months out, ELM is honing our skills and improving our operational models.

ELM Area Manager, Peter Bezzini has just earned his ASM Credential from Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA).  Peter’s ASM – Advanced Snow Manager – Credential is the fruition of his studies and successful testing in four individual courses – Core Principles, Plowing Operations, Sidewalk Operations and Ice Management.  Fulfilling the requirements of each course merits the ASM designation.

Peter shares “it was eye opening training for me. The budgets and especially the risk and liability factors associated with snow and ice services are significant for our clients. Every event is different; timing, amounts, frozen precipitation all mean we must pre- plan for and execute several site specific snow plans to have our properties open and safe in a timely fashion.”

He adds “SIMA has done a great job in assembling best practices and processes.  I’m looking forward to integrating these into ELM’s approach and continuing to improve on our long standing reputation for excellence in snow removal in Fairfield and Westchester Counties.”

Over the next few weeks, Peter will be leading training sessions for our team members as ELM prepares for the upcoming winter.  It’s part of our “off season” training to be the best.