Preparing Your Commercial Property for the Snow Season – Part I

winter preparation

Whether you are self-performing snow operations or utilizing the services of an outside contractor, there are several pre-planning tasks to complete to minimize liability issues. The greater amount of communications between the facilities department, end users (tenants, employees, etc.), and service providers (internal or external) will provide a higher level of success in managing a winter event.

If you are utilizing an outside contractor, the selection should be complete by October 1 (in the Northeast), and a communications dialogue started with the selected contractor. If the services will be performed by internal staff, equipment and ice melt inventory should be evaluated and appropriate arrangements for purchasing should be made.

The following check list may be helpful for tasks to be completed by mid-October:

Internal Snow Operations                                                                          Outside Contractor

□ Update site map data as necessary                                                     □ Review/update specs & solicit bids

□ Check ice melt inventory & restock as necessary                               □ Award contract to qualified contractor

□ Review hand tool inventory & restock as necessary                           □ Schedule meeting w/contractor & review procedures

□ Check inventory for snow stakes & restock as necessary                   □ Provide contractor with appropriate site maps

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