Preparing Your Commercial Property for the Snow Season – Part II

winter forecast

At this point in time, your snow preparedness plan should have most of the major components in place. The remaining fine tuning of operations and communications will only allow for a smoother operation, and less stress for all involved. Most of the remaining tasks should be completed regardless of whether the service is being performed internally or by an outside contractor. These functions are general conditions and apply to overall snow and ice management.

The following check list may be helpful:

□ Determine where snow will be piles/stored. Indicate locations on site maps.

□ Review areas on site requiring service priorities

□ Prepare back-up plan for heavy snows/sourcing heavy equipment

□ Schedule & conduct meeting with building occupants to review snow procedures & coordinate needs of occupants

Optional – Parking Garages

□ Restrict parking on garage upper level

□ Use of rubber blades

□ Appropriate selection of ice melt materials

Snow and ice can create dangerous conditions. Ensuring that your property is a safe place to live, work and learn this winter (and all year long) is our #1 priority.

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