Snow certification reduces risk. Here’s why.

ELMs membership in the Accredited Snow Contractors Association and the Snow and Ice Management Association means that when we serve your campus, healthcare facility, or commercial property in winter, our certified snow and ice teams not only abide by higher safety standards, but our work will result in lower insurance costs for everyone.

Our value to you is more than just reducing your liability.  Our commitment to certification and ongoing training reflects an all-encompassing sense of urgency and attention to safety and quality that makes us a strategic partner on your risk management team.

As snow contractors, we take hazard management seriously. We are working harder to have the right information at our fingertips, to work with safety and insurance advocates, and you, our customers, to manage your risk from the best possible perspective.

All ELM territory managers hold ASM (Advanced Snow Management)-certifications from Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), which mean they can handle your worst winter weather challenge no matter how extreme it gets.

Contact Client Relations Manager Sandy Rice to learn more about ELMs quality winter management system, including emergency preparedness, storm tracking, contingency planning, risk reduction strategies, and proactive property safety services working together for your benefit.  Mobile: 203.223-8784   Email: