How to prepare your property for the spring

With temperatures rising, there is a wind of change coming to your property. It is time to walk through your commercial property, and call your landscape professional in order to assess winter’s impact. During this walkthrough, it is a great time to discuss site enhancements for the upcoming season.

Renovating key areas of your landscape will create a fresh look to showcase your property. Curb appeal is often the first impression of your property by prospects, tenants, and employees. Spring flowers can add some visual interest to your site. If you did not have a spring bulb planting during the fall, you can choose pansies which will average spring temperatures and are available in many colors. A blast of colors will highlight your property and generate compliments from prospects, tenants and employees.

ELM has been satisfying clients for 40 years, and is preparing for spring and summer landscape services. We know that as a property manager or a facility director, your property is your priority during this season. At ELM we will work hard to make sure all of your goals are achieved in a timely and efficient manner. Now it is time to schedule an assessment with your landscape professional.