Turf Height…Matters

Do you think that the height of your turf depends on the weather…you’re right! As we head into the peak summer months, heat, potential lack of rain and long days of sun all add up to impact your turf.

How does the proper turf height help your turf on commercial properties? The correct turf management technique is adjust the mowing heights up in summer.  Why? The extra ½-1 inch in length provides additional shade to base of the grass—keeping the soil temperature and the critical roots a bit cooler, while helping to retain moisture. And a healthier stand of turf is better able to defend from weeds, dry periods and disease.

Some property managers prefer shorter grass height; in spring and later into fall this can be accomplished. In summer though, shorter turf heights are more susceptible to weed invasion and heat damage. Now is the time to be moving your mowing heights up.

How often should the grass be cut in summer? The rule is to never remove more than one-third of total grass blade length at a single cutting. If it makes it easier for you, our team can walk your site with you the recommend the right height of your turf based on shade, sun and your irrigation program. ELM is committed to make sure your turf looks it best during the high stress months of summer.