Crabgrass Invading Your Commercial Property?


With summer started, the hot and dry weather begins, and with it comes optimal conditions for crabgrass. As a commercial property manager, now is the time to work with your landscape services provider to insure the proper preventive and control applications take place. These preventive actions will preserve the quality of your turf and the curb appeal of your property.

Because crabgrass grows faster during the summer months, take into account the following preventive actions:

  •  Mow summer turf at the appropriate length, minimum of 3.5 inches. Keep in mind that crabgrass grows if there is light to make it, so keeping the grass as thick and long as possible is a good option.
  •  A crabgrass pre-emergent is crucial in early spring. Most importantly, now is the critical time for 1-2 applications of targeted, crabgrass specific herbicide in the next 2-3 weeks to achieve control in your crabgrass hotspots
  •  Where to look—in the high stress areas along curb lines and roadways. Additional heat from the hard surfaces coupled with the ice melting agents from winter, make these the prime spots for crabgrass
  • Water in long, heavy intervals rather than constant ones if your lawn is established.
  • Your grass needs to be fertilized at 3-4 times a year. A strong, healthy, dense stand of turf is the best defense against crabgrass.

Remember, now is the time to control this invader. Once it reaches a certain size (the second tiller), the choices quickly narrow to a more costly removal. If you need someone with the knowledge to prevent crabgrass, do not forget that ELM is here to help you out before it matures!