Do You Manage a Few Properties … or Several?


Are you challenged by multiple landscape providers who seem to have different responses to the same issue? Is it difficult to bring all of your properties to a consistent desired landscape presentation?

If you answered yes, then it may be time to think about the benefits of a full service landscape provider.

In our experience, lasting client relationships are successful because we continue to discuss your expectations for the properties and consistently measure our progress toward achieving those goals. Agreeing on what a successful landscape service plan means, will make it much easier to put a plan, that can do it all, into place.

Here are a few considerations when choosing a landscape maintenance provider and thinking about the services that they can provide for your properties:
  • Will there be a single point of contact across your portfolio?
  • Will there be continuity of operational and service execution? It is very important that the contractor not only has the expertise, but the proven ability to follow through from start to finish.
  • How will my property achieve its optimal appearance? Your landscape provider will work with you on the opportunities for unique and consistent flower displays throughout your portfolio. They will understand your properties are recognized for their curb appeal, and will ensure that your signage “pops” throughout.
  • Are they a vested partner who understands the goals of your portfolio and individual properties?
  • Are they an all-in-one vendor, providing irrigation, turf applications and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?
  • Will the alignment of your goals with a single service provider reduce your time, travel and headaches?

It can all start with a discussion.  Be honest.  Share your goals, frustrations and let your potential service provider know what has worked and what has not.  Be open to fresh insight and analysis of your landscape portfolio.

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