Working smarter, not harder.

Three Incredible Ways ELM is Using Technology to Your Advantage.

From ride-sharing apps to intelligent design, robots and remotes are transforming the speed and efficiency of the way we work. Landscape companies and property management firms are benefiting from technology in ways that dramatically improve both of our industries, inside and out.

Advances in the engineering and design of landscape irrigation systems including remote control water management, weather-based sensors, and applications that manage water consumption (and a plethora of apps for plant disease, tree inventory, and GPS grounds-mapping), time-saving technologies are changing the way landscape companies like ELM are working smarter to achieve infinitely more and better results:

Higher Impact, Lower Cost.
ELM is always seeking ways to improve the way we work. Our commitment to using intelligent systems and advanced technology not only helps us achieve better control over the results but also improves processes, resulting in lower costs to our customers. Case in point: water management. Digital technology is keeping water and money from going down the drain. As life-long area residents, ELM has a stake in the conservation conversation. We are just as conscientious about water in our office as we know you are in yours.

Efficiency, Productivity, Safety.
Outdated equipment can have a considerable impact on efficiency. ELM uses commercial equipment that meets next generation platforms for smarter energy and smarter outcomes—on every landscape site and for every season. Leveraging what’s new and better also means making sure our crews are up to speed on working smarter, not harder, and trained and certified in product and equipment handling and safety.

Service smart, social smart.
ELM recognizes the potential of digital communications and regularly offers its subject matter expertise on the frontlines of social media. We believe the web is a fantastic way to get feedback, and share and exchange information. We use our platforms to post information that we hope simplifies complex issues, while giving our online body a human face.

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