Spring cleaning isn’t just for the inside of your building. It also applies to thinking about how you work with your contractors and landscape professionals so that the outside of your buildings remains as impressive as the company and the people your landscape represents.

Return on investment drives everything we do and believe in at ELM. And to bring you the best service every year, and help you amortize your cost for what can often be multi-faceted and specialized landscape services, we recommend engaging with us on a regular basis to make sure you’re happy with the way your landscape maintenance and water use is managed. More importantly, we want to make sure you’re happy with us.

With spring just a hop and a skip away, let’s talk about the best approach to yield the best payback for you.

1. Review goals, specifications and budget
Have your objectives and needs changed since last season? Has your budget? Let’s walk through some economies of scale and discuss ways we can improve efficiencies and the return on your investment.

2. Review irrigation and water management.
Having a framework for managing water consumption needs three things: a) your property’s usage requirements, b) the role of digital technology to fight irrigation waste, and c) an integrated water management and irrigation plan to keep your landscape healthy while meeting official drought preparedness and response mandates.

3. Review aesthetics.
Is the landscape an extension of your brand? Your company represents the best of the best in what it does and your landscape should too. How are your flowers, your walkways, signage, and entries? Focal points are particularly important when conveying not just curb appeal for improved asset value but also an opportunity for your landscape to be your business’s most welcoming brand ambassador.

4. Review pain points and satisfaction.
How are you doing? What are your frustrations and how can we help you trouble shoot what’s not working or make life easier? If you’re still working with multiple vendors, can we help you budget differently or streamline your billing and point of contact? A single source provider snow, irrigation and maintenance can offer greater savings and accountability.

5. Review expertise.
Are you getting a thought partner or an action partner? We think you should get both. We’re running a business, too, and know that trust and proactive service can be the ultimate return on investment because as a multi-tasking manager, you don’t have waste time guessing what’s up with the contractors you retain to make your job easier.

6. Review site use.
How are folks using your property? Are employees eating lunch outdoors, taking walking breaks, or relaxing because it’s just nice to be outside? Have you thought about a green roof, walking trails, a putting green, or picnic area? Making your landscape people-friendly just makes people happier. Who doesn’t want that?

To learn more about improving asset value through improved landscape and water management strategies, go to: https://www.easternland.com/our-services/landscape-management/

Or contact Bruce Moore @ 203.316.5433.

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February 2017