Forecast and Trends for this Winter

Nobody really knows what to expect of the coming winter season, but we can assure you that you can put your trust in ELM.

At ELM, we keep a constant eye on the forecast and long-term trends to better prepare our services for our clients. Meteorological use of data from past years is starting to improve long-term forecast trends; this is vital in order to be prepared to provide safe sites in a timely manner. Here is a look into what our sources are saying for this winter:

December will be a little like November with low chances of getting snow. The first 2 weeks of January will continue as December, but towards the end of the month the potential for snow will build. February will be the most winterish month for potential snowfall. At this point, trends point to the largest snowfalls in February.

ELM is prepared for the Winter season. Stay in touch over the next few months. ELM will provide updates every month on the revised forecast and trends. Stay tuned!