How to be sustainable with water management

Studies show that average landscape water use in the commercial and institutional sector can range from 7 percent of total water use for hospitals, 22 percent for commercial office buildings, and up to 30 percent for schools.

Typically, a landscape is watered to supplement natural precipitation based on a plant’s water needs. Often, due to the lack of an efficient system, many areas end up over watered, and in some cases, under watered. This not only affects your landscape, but it also inflates your costs for additional water or replacing dead plant material.

A large commercial property can incur huge costs because an average benchmark for an acre of commercial property in water usage can reach 900,000 gallons a year.

So what is the best way to reduce your costs and be sustainable with water usage?

  • Make sure that your provider performs irrigation system audits.
  • Optimizing heads and switch to smart controllers which will reduce from 20-33% your water usage.
  • Take into account smart landscape sensors or other water-efficient sprinkler technologies.
  • Create irrigation schedules.

ELM has committed significant human and equipment resources to be a recognized leader in water conservation and water management in our marketplace. We will provide you with the best practices and estimates of potential dollar and water savings!