Preparing for The Big Chill

Late fall begins a hibernation cycle when plants and root systems slow down to conserve their energy. With no new foliage until warmer weather, our attention turns to the action below ground, long before signs of the first frost.

  • Protect and nourish root and soil systems, with a thick layer of nutrient-rich mulch to insulate and regulate soil temperature, hold in moisture, and keep roots from freeze damage.
  • Feed and water appropriately before the first frost. Avoid fertilizing, which will be ineffective during dormancy or cause them to sprout with unnecessary new growth.
  • Use soil moisture sensors and smart technology to measure hydration levels.Moist soil can hold 4 times more heat than dry soil, warming the plant as much as a 2-3 degrees
  • Deal with drainage problems promptly, as wet soils can make young plants more likely to uproot in wind.
  • Prune dead wood, clean up shrubs and trees, cut back perennials, remove debris, cut turf grass shorter, aerate and fertilize prior to first freeze.
  • Protect evergreens by wrapping with breathable burlap to shelter and protects the plant from heavy winds, salt, and heavy snow loads.
  • Get ahead of thaw cycles and know what plants can weather winter.

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