Perennials – right for your commercial property?

Perennials, spring

Perennials can be successfully used to offer more landscaping choices to your commercial property. They can also set you apart from the competition and create a higher position for your site’s curb appeal. For this reason, it is better to contact the right provider for your landscape, and someone who understands the proper use of perennials.

Perennial plants can add color, eliminate empty spots in the site, and delight you, your tenants and your employees with their essences.

The symmetry of your property are what make it unique, and once you are done with the big things, little details like the right plants can change the outcomes in big ways.

Each property has its own landscape environment and its own challenges. Your service provider should make recommendations that will be best for your property. Count on ELM to make site-specific recommendations to use native plants, perennials, disease free and hardy plants to raise the sustainability level of your landscape.