What do you look for when considering landscape enhancements for your commercial landscape?

Each site has its own unique landscape environment, with various soil and shade conditions. For this reason, your landscape management service provider should give you the best recommendations for your commercial site to utilize native plants, perennials, disease-free and hardy plants to increase the sustainability of your commercial landscape.

When looking to enhance your commercial property and maximize its curb appeal, schedule a walkthrough with you landscape services provider. List areas which are critical to your tenant and employee experience. From there, list areas which may no longer be acceptable to your current goals and building usage. Also, keep in mind that it is important during this stage you create an overall vision for the property’s landscape. This vision allows us to coordinate the areas with themes and continuity to best frame each location to showcase your property.

Once the areas are prioritized, your provider develops a plan to utilize native plants, perennials, disease-free and hardy plants to minimize maintenance and maximize your investment. Based on your budget and goals, the landscape enhancement process can be scheduled to install one or two areas a year over a few years to plan fully turn your landscape around.

At ELM we design and create commercial landscapes that generate minimal disruptions, and at the same time we maximize the curb appeal of your property. Our goal is to enhance your property from the ground up!