Does Your Landscape Have an Addiction?

In general, water use is taken lightly, and in many cases, overused.  It seems like everyone has a report card or dashboard these days.  In the FM world, commercial property managers measure the efficiency and optimization of all building systems.  From tenant satisfaction to asset utilization to driving efficiencies, this is the world commercial facility managers live in and are accountable for.

Is your irrigation system part of your report card/dashboard?  Overlooking this small but critical system could be hurting your commercial office building’s efficiency and optimization while costing you money in wasteful over watering.  And, from a sustainability initiative, what’s more important than conserving water?

As irrigation is not one of the largest building systems, it easily can be off the radar.  Facility and property managers can be surprised to learn a one acre landscape can use up to 900,000 gallons of water!  If your irrigation system has not been updated in the last decade, inefficient heads and outmoded controllers can be overwatering your landscape by up to 35%.  In the case above, using an average per gallon cost of $.005, in the Westchester and Fairfield county areas, annual savings of $1,415 per acre can be realized.

Sound like it’s time to sit down with your trusted advisor at ELM to understand just how “smart” the new smart controllers are?  A heathier landscape, cost savings and sustainability can be a direct result and boost your report card or dashboard.