Commercial Landscape a Bit Soggy?

Tech Adjusts Water Pressure for Commercial Irrigation System

August is the Perfect Time to Update your Irrigation System

Many commercial landscape irrigations systems run in the late night and early morning hours—rarely do we actually see them running. Out of sight, out of mind? Probably. That’s why, as the August heat arrives, it is time to consider the impact of your commercial properties’ irrigation on your landscape, on your budget and the environment.

IrrigationWould you hazard a guess of how many gallons of water a one-acre-landscape can consume over a season? Many facility directors and property managers are quite surprised to learn the number can be up to 800,000 gallons! An outdated system may be overwatering by up to 35 percent…up to 280,000 gallons of precious water.

Irrigation technology has jumped forward in the past few years. Sprinkler heads have become more efficient. Most significant is the new smart controllers that have local weather inputs to automatically adjust watering times up and down. The smart controller is connected to the entire system; a leak in one zone or a faulty valve in another triggers an immediate email update.

A Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) can test, analyze, and develop a report for you to fully understand where and how much water your landscape (and your budget) can save. Here at ELM, Jose Igartua, CLIA, has been delivering quantifiable results to our clients for over twenty years. Jose finds the initial investment to drive water savings has a ROI of three-to-five years.

Looking for a sustainability initiative that can improve your landscape appearance, benefit the environment and save money with a short ROI? Give ELM a call for a no cost initial evaluation of your irrigation system.