Can One Provider Do it All? When It Comes to Your Commercial Property, the Answer is Yes!

Believe it or not, there is a lot going on with your landscape. In fact, there are several moving parts, including landscape maintenance, irrigation services, turf applications, integrated pest management (IPM)/plant health care and exterior porter service, that all need constant attention.

This requires an all-inclusive, comprehensive approach.

We know commercial property managers have an important decision to make: parcel out various services or place them with one full service provider?  We recommend the latter. Here’s why:

A single-source provider is a key resource to facilities managers, functioning as their eyes and ears on the ground. They can offer the resources, experience, knowledge and demonstrated track record that match your spec’s needs and your expectations. (For irrigation service, turf applications and IPM, insure the proper licensing and certificates are in place.)

When it comes to the mission and vision for your landscape, think about how your site would benefit from either bundling or a separate service provider approach. Remember for some services, particularly irrigation, turf applications and IPM, the service specific provider may only be on site once a month. Will this approach be sufficient?

oneproviderblogIn the integrated approach with a comprehensive landscape services provider, it is guaranteed that your property is walked through and inspected each week. The responsibility lies with the landscape management firm to integrate all operational aspects to meet the changing seasonal needs of your landscape. The walking inspection catches issues and problems at the onset. The solution and response times are prompt and don’t leave you waiting for the next visit in three-to-four weeks, which during that time, can only make matters worse. It’s a self-managed approach that keeps you managing your facility and not your landscape.

Exceeding expectations is our goal. By working as a partner with our clients, we’ve earned a reputation for unparalleled quality, service and satisfaction. ELM’s full complement of integrated exterior site management services coupled with our flexibility in response to clients’ changing needs is what separates us from the rest and gives us the ability to be your single point of contact. Now, doesn’t that sound easy?

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