Spring At Last!


After a brutal New England winter, spring is finally here!  Temperatures at last are in the 50’s and 60’s and thankfully, it won’t be long until landscapes start to green up and bulbs start to pop.  Make no mistake though, after a record long cold snap and nearly twice the average long term annual snowfall, commercial properties in Westchester and Fairfield counties need help.

With these mild temperatures in place, it’s time to walk your property with your landscape professional and assess winter’s impact.  Start with the turf.  Which areas will respond to fertilization, or a gypsum conditioner treatment and which areas should be removed and either re-sodded or seeded?  In a similar fashion, inspect the shrubs and groundcover areas.  Will a few plants need replacement?  Even plants, particularly evergreens, away from snow plowing damage may need a liquid fertilization to offset winter windburn.

Spring flowers can add some real visual excitement to your site.  If your site did not have a spring bulb planting installed last fall, pansies are cold tolerant and are available in several great colors.  Whether at your signage or in containers at main entries, a blast of color will bring compliments from tenants and employees.

During this walkthrough, it is a great time to discuss site enhancements for the upcoming year.  Not unlike new carpeting or paint inside, renovating key areas of your landscape will create a fresh look to showcase your facility.  Curb appeal is often the first impression of tenants, employees and most important, prospective tenants.

Been waiting for a nice spring walk for too long?  Now is the time to schedule an assessment of your property with your landscape professional.