Snow Season-Halftime Analysis


As we begin February, property managers and facility directors of commercial properties in Westchester and Fairfield counties are beginning to grow a bit weary of the winter of 2013/2014.  This season has been an active one with many storms and near record cold temperatures.  The unseasonably low temperatures have driven up the materials usage needed to deliver clean pavements (see blog Cold, Colder, Coldest).  And, for those in the per storm/per inch contracts, costs are continuing to climb.

There is no crystal ball to predict the long term weather pattern, but with 6-8 weeks of the snow season left, no doubt we are in for a least a few more events.  If the snow continues, what possible avenues can be considered to help hold or reduce cost?

Review your site usage, is there a remote parking area or portion thereof, which can either be closed to parking, or plowed just once at the end of the event?  Could some unused walkways be reduced to end of storm, or emergency exit only treatment?  Is there a side entry plaza or outdoor patio area which is used by a few people which could be downsized in coverage?

After your initial review, schedule a meeting with your snow services provider.  He knows your site throughout all conditions, day and night.  With an active exchange of ideas and recommendations from both parties, perhaps a more budget feasible approach can be developed.