Eastern Land Management is a full service landscape company serving New Rochelle, NY. We tackle any project with professionalism and attention to detail, and we always deliver beautiful results on time.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a beautiful landscape can be worth a million! If you’re looking to boost your property value, increase your tenant retention rate and give your business an edge over the competition, then you’ll want to find out how our landscaping services can benefit your New Rochelle, NY property.

Our grounds maintenance team serves many businesses in the area because we offer a wide range of services customized to match the needs of each client. Whether you need help with outdoor lighting, irrigation systems or just basic lawn maintenance and care, we can help.

Commercial Landscape Management - 301 MerrittContending with both seasonal changes and long-term exposure to the elements, commercial landscaping requires more specialized tools, more refined techniques, and higher quality materials than residential landscaping. Eastern Land management knows how to handle all of these challenges, with the goal of creating lasting beauty and helping your property thrive. It’s not enough to just cut the grass every week or mow the lawn whenever it needs it—you need a company that will be able to identify the problem areas on your property and make sure everything looks its best. In order to do that well, we make sure to have all our bases covered in terms of equipment like tractors, leaf blowers, rakes, shovels, pruners, clippers, and more. All of this is part of our regular maintenance services.

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Commercial Irrigation Management by ELMWe have the expertise to help your company reduce water consumption, lower your monthly expenses, improve operations (and hopefully) pass sustainability certification standards—all while developing a long-term plan for adapting to the ever-changing landscape of water resources.

When it comes to landscaping services that use water responsibly, our team is at the top of its game. We know how to ensure that your plants get what they need without wasting unnecessary amounts of water or fertilizers. We can provide rainwater harvesting solutions, or even schedule watering based on weather conditions and soil moisture level so you can cut down on energy costs.

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Commercial Snow Removal in CTAt ELM, we have years of experience in commercial snow removal & monitoring. We also handle parking lot and sidewalk maintenance, as well as ice prevention. Our team is fully trained in the proper way to handle each of these situations, so they can be handled safely and efficiently. We also make sure that our materials are environmentally-friendly and won’t hurt your lawn or any other area of your property.

Each of our teams has a supervisor who keeps an eye on the weather forecast and makes sure that all areas are being sufficiently maintained. We also provide additional support when needed due to heavy snowfall or other inclement weather conditions such as rain or sleet. Our goal is to make sure that our clients are comfortable and confident about putting their property in our hands so that they can focus on their other responsibilities with ease!

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