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Creating your service specifications

This is the time of the year in which property managers and facility directors should start thinking about a clear set of landscape services specifications. Your landscape maintenance spec is the blueprint for the care of your landscape asset. As you know, property management professionals in Fairfield and Westchester counties look to showcase their landscape presentation for their tenants and prospective tenants. Your service level specifications are how you communicate your property’s expectations to the service provider and they in turn, can respond with a targeted and competitive proposal.

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Commercial Irrigation Management by ELM

Love Thy Lawn: In Honor of National Lawn Care Month, Follow these Tips

America loves its lawns, and after a long, cold winter, in the Northeast there’s no doubt that our landscapes need a little TLC. As spring is here, it’s time to swap the snow blower for the lawn mower. And, with April being National Lawn Care Month, it’s as good a time as any to take the proper steps to correct winter’s damage for lush, greener grass ahead.

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Can One Provider Do it All? When It Comes to Your Commercial Property, the Answer is Yes!

Believe it or not, there is a lot going on with your landscape. In fact, there are several moving parts, including landscape maintenance, irrigation services, turf applications, integrated pest management (IPM)/plant health care and exterior porter service, that all need constant attention.

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Specifications: Working for You and Your Landscape, or … Not?


 Find yourself in discussions (or arguments) on how you and landscape services providers “interpret” portions of your spec? Find your site is “settling” for something in-between what you wanted and what the provider bid? When was the last time you updated your landscape maintenance specifications? If it’s been more than four-to-five years – your landscape has been growing and changing, so shouldn’t your spec change too?

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Critical Operations – Fall Irrigation Shutdown


As November is just around the corner and the first hard frost arrives, this is the time to ensure your property’s irrigation system has been fully blown out and shut down for winter.  Perhaps there is no more important landscape operation at this time of year.  For New York and Connecticut landscapes, if your system has not been shut down and blown out, the time is now.

As air and soil temperatures drop to the low 30’s, the heads in particular as they are at the surface and the irrigation lines which are usually just a few inches under grade, can freeze.  This causes irreparable damage and often, almost a complete rebuild of the system.  Ouch!  This is a lesson no property or facility manager wants to learn the hard way.

It is a relatively simple process in the hands of trained irrigation technicians.  However, if not performed correctly or worst case, not performed at all, repairs and costs will be significant.  After the fall system shutdown for your commercial landscape, this is a great time to review the year’s performance and ensure necessary budget dollars are in place for any repairs or system enhancement for 2014.

No question about it, this is best left to the professionals.  Here at Eastern Land Management, our irrigation team is led by Jose Igartua, who has his CT Irrigation J-3 license and is a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA).  As your trusted full service landscape maintenance and irrigation provider, you can be sure your irrigation system will be properly shut down for the winter ahead.  Please give us a call quickly if your irrigation system is still active.  We will make certain there is no ouch next spring.

Top 100 Snow Contractors

snow-logoSnow Magazine, the official magazine of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) has published its TOP 100 Snow Contractors. Eastern Land Management (ELM) of Stamford, CT, is listed as # 44. Once again, based on the demand for our snow removal services, ELM has moved up this impressive list.

“Snow removal is an unforgiving and challenging business to be in,” says Bruce Moore, Jr., Vice President of Operations. “ELM has worked hard to develop the processes which deliver timely, effective and most of all safe and reliable snow removal services for our commercial properties.” Moore adds, “we are particularly proud of our experienced team who consistently go the distance to insure our clients and their employees have safe access to their properties during all types of New England winter weather.”

Winter weather has become increasingly more severe over the past 10 years with blizzards and record-setting events in Westchester and Fairfield counties. “We’ve had to up our game,” says Moore. “These large events require a storm specific plan, and often additional resources to insure our clients’ properties remain open during their business critical times.”

ELM’s snow removal services are performed on the commercial, corporate and office park properties we serve with landscape maintenance. This gives ELM a significant advantage in understanding each individual property’s schedules and nuances. Bruce Moore, Sr., President notes “our year around relationship with our clients inherently adds to ELM’s commitment to do everything possible to minimize damage to the landscape assets. Most importantly, each site has a specific snow operations plan, which we develop together with our clients. We stay in touch throughout the storms with property and facility managers with our iPhones to keep them updated.”

Making the accomplishment even more notable is that ASCA and its’ TOP 100 list covers both the United States and Canada.

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