Jeffrey Wilson Promoted to Area Manager

Eastern Land Management is pleased to announce Jeff Wilson’s promotion to Area Manager, effective January 2018.

Since starting with ELM in November 2016 as Field Manager, Jeff has consistently been recognized for his outstanding performance. His thoughtful approach to finding solutions to unusual challenges make him a valuable addition to ELM’s client services team.

Jeff’s primary focus will be to serve the hospitality, corporate campus and residential community sectors to ensure that ELM’s landscape teams provide increasing value and asset appreciation.

A Greenwich, Connecticut native, Jeff is committed to empowering the ELM brand he represents and increasing its success. Jeff prides himself in his ability to represent best in class quality, fostering great relationships, and staying ahead of trends.

Please join us in congratulating Jeff on his well-deserved promotion


George Brown III Named Business Developer

Eastern Land Management is pleased to announce the appointment of George Brown III to the role of Business Developer.  George will work closely with the company’s Chief Executive and Vice President Operations, and will be responsible for identifying and leading strategic growth initiatives and driving revenue for all ELM’s commercial landscape and snow services.

Prior to this promotion, George served as ELM’s area manager.  George brings 20 years of business experience and landscape industry knowledge to his new role and is taking on this responsibility at a time when ELM is focused on organic growth and building and attracting the best team in the industry.

Commenting on the promotion, ELM’s Vice President Operations, Bruce Moore, Jr., said, “George is a top performer and strategic thinker who understands the market in which we operate and our aspirations as a business. We look forward to him leading opportunities to partner more closely with clients and pursue positive leads that come our way.”

George attended the University at Buffalo and the State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill where he received a B.S. in Landscape Contracting.

Eastern Land Management is located in Stamford, Connecticut and has been providing commercial landscape services to property and facility managers since 1976.

Welcome Patrick McClellan, New ELM Area Manager

Eastern Land Management, an award-winning, full-service commercial landscape company located in Stamford, Connecticut, is pleased to welcome Patrick (Pat) McClellan to ELM as a new Area Manager.

In his new role, Pat will work closely with commercial real estate managers to develop landscape health and safety plans, coordinate field operations, and manage scope and budget for properties he serves.

“We are fortunate to add someone of Pat’s passion to the ELM team; his expertise will be a real asset to us and to our customers,” said Bruce Moore, Jr., vice president, operations.

A native of Long Island, Pat attended State University of New York, Farmingdale, where he pursued a teaching credential before switching to SUNY’s landscape and ornamental horticulture program.  He holds a OSHA 30 license, and is a CT/NY-licensed pesticide operator.

“The best advice I could give any property manager would be to measure the value of sustainability,” notes Pat. “The ideal landscape is one that allows the beauty of the natural and built environment but strategically minimizes the disruption of its resources.  Some people feel going green costs more money, but conservation is an investment that reaps savings – and improves property asset value – over time.”

Well said, Patrick. Welcome to our team.



Richard Bevilacqua Promoted to Director of Organizational Development

Richard “Ricky” Bevilacqua has been named ELM’s Director of Organizational Development.

In this newly created position, he will be responsible for overseeing ELM’s administrative function, creating and implementing ELM’s next generation operating practices, and driving strategies to digitally reimagine the way ELM does business.

“Employees want to work for digital leaders and customers seek businesses that have taken their game to a higher level,” said Bruce Moore, Jr., Vice President, Operations. “As ELM matures, we’re transforming our business for competitive advantage and leading this commitment from the top,” he added.

Ricky joined ELM in 2013, and has a dozen years in the green industry working in a variety of roles. He is a Certified Landscape Professional and an Advanced Snow Manager. “Ricky’s career trajectory, from local garden center to having a seat at the table, shows what can happen when people energize their careers through continuous learning,” noted Bruce.

Ricky’s one piece of advice to share with customers is to appreciate the complexities of the landscape as a dynamic thing. “Plants live, they breathe, they grow, they get sick and they die. As landscape professionals, it’s our job to make sure only the first three happen,” he says with typical good humor.

Originally from Westchester, New York, Ricky has become an avid fan of weekend life in Connecticut. His spare time finds him developing techniques and recipes to smoke meat while simultaneously, and often unsuccessfully, keeping his enthusiastic Golden Retriever, Charlie, from trying to help.

Please join us in congratulating Ricky on his well-deserved promotion.

Jeffrey Wilson Joins ELM as Field Manager

Eastern Land Management is pleased to welcome Jeff Wilson to the position of Field Manager.

As Field Manager, Jeff helps with on-site client communications, pesticide applications, and landscape improvement projects.

“Since starting with ELM in November 2016, Jeff has become a valuable team member for projects of all sizes,” said Bruce Moore, Jr., ELM’s vice president, operations. “In less than a year, Jeff has grown to play an integral role in swift solutions that keep us ahead of the game and furthering our brand’s influence in the community,” he added.

A Greenwich, Connecticut native, Jeff turned his high school passion for landscaping into a career. Jeff had already been interested in plants and the outdoors so he knew a combination of the two was right up his alley.  After years gaining experience in the landscape services business, Jeff is in a position where he can help form internal strategy, be a resource for the community, and move customer service to the next level.

Jeff believes in constantly re-booting value. Or, as Jeff says: “If it’s good for customers, it’s good for us.”

Please join us in welcoming Jeff Wilson to the ELM family.

Meet Third-Generation Landscaper, Greg Gross

With two grandfathers in the green industry, ELM Area Manager, Greg Gross, learned more than “old school” work ethic during summer vacations spent helping out.

As a child, Greg learned to repair landscape equipment from men, Greg said, who knew how stuff worked. In fact, it was his grandfathers’ example-setting that taught him the value of hard work and good character, and to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Greg joined ELM in 2016, after working on a golf course in high school put him through the University of Massachusetts Stockbridge School of Agriculture, where he received a degree in Landscape Contracting. Greg also holds a Commercial Supervisory Certificate for Turf & Ornamental from the State of Connecticut.

Greg is an avid New York Yankees and New York Giants fan and when not rooting for his favorite team, works on his golf game, and his boating and beach-loving skills.

Greg’s one piece of advice for transforming commercial landscapes is to go for the “wow” factor. Instead of over-complicating the objective, the secret, he says, is to keep your landscape simple, coherent, and invest in high-impact ROI options that continue to increase the property’s value.

“Greg is a born leader,” said Bruce Moore, Jr., ELM’s vice president of operations. “His commitment to delivering best in class in all aspects of the work we do, and in building and sustaining relationships that embody trust and accountability, exemplifies what ELM is all about.”

ELM’s Field Manager Chris Smith Makes the Case for Greener Landscapes

Darien, Connecticut-native Chris Smith said he feels like he was born into the green industry. As one of ELM’s Field Mangers, Chris gets to do what he says he loves most—working with customers and with skilled project teams who engineer and maintain commercial landscapes throughout the Fairfield and Westchester County areas ELM serves.

“We’re excited to have Chris on our operations team,” said Bruce Moore, Jr., ELM’s vice president of operations. “Our company is growing and he contributes a wealth of knowledge and passion to the work we do and to our mission to be the legacy landscape services company of choice.”

Chris has experience both on the front lines and at the technical level, and holds a Pesticide Applicator’s License from the State of Connecticut’s Department of Energy & Environmental Protection. Prior to joining ELM, Chris served with the Darien Board of Education’s grounds crew.

Chris’ affinity for sustainable approaches supports ELM’s own competitive stance on green practices as a competitive differentiator. According to Chris, commercial building owners and managers that invest in more energy-efficient landscapes and other key technologies, and correct potential issues as part of a longer-term performance and design plan, will see results in improved financial performance.

In his off-hours, Chris hikes, skis, and camps throughout the Northeast and uses that time to reflect on how he can deliver the beauty of nature to the properties and customers he serves.

Joe Claps Increases the Value of Commercial Properties Through Landscape Asset Enhancements

Eastern Land Management, an award-winning, full-service commercial landscape company located in Stamford, Connecticut, officially welcomes Joe Claps as enhancement field manager, effective January 2017.

Joe joins ELM with a background in business administration and finance, and six years’ experience in landscape sales, maintenance and construction.

Joe’s business training gives him a unique perspective on enhancing bottom line advantages for commercial property/facility managers and HOA boards looking to increase value. This includes high return on investment improvements such as masonry, walking trails and paths, turf-to-meadow conversions, plant rotations, structural elements, or modifications for water conservation.

Joe says he’s found that over the years, when multiple people are involved in decision-making, the more you can communicate the scope of work and the value it adds, the more likely the outcome is a win-win.

“Making the case for continuous landscape improvement requires an ability to think strategically. Joe understands how our customers’ landscapes are expected to conform to their brand and property image standards and he ties what we do to what our customers are focused on improving,” said Bruce Moore, Jr., vice president operations.

Old Greenwich, Connecticut born and raised, Joe considers himself an outdoorsman who believes in a prudent use of natural resources. His passion for sports, skiing and boating led him to landscaping where he discovered an equal passion for creating healthy outdoor environments that stand the test of time.

“We look forward to Joe being part of a team that is committed to the very best in customer service, quality work, and fresh thinking. He never ceases to impress us with his exceptional ability to support our customers with respect, trust, and sustainable solutions,” added Bruce.

George Brown Delivers as ELM’s New Area Manager

Eastern Land Management, an award-winning, full-service commercial landscape company located in Stamford, Connecticut, officially welcomes George P. Brown III to its team as area manager. George has seamlessly transitioned into the role, working closely with ELM’s senior management to build and maintain relationships and ensure that customer needs are promptly and expertly addressed.

George is an experienced landscape professional and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from State University of New York at Cobleskill with a major in landscape contracting.

“As ELM assessed our customers’ needs and growing four-season services portfolio, we recognized the importance of bringing on additional expertise in customer service to keep our communications flowing and services seamless,” said Bruce Moore, Jr., vice president, operations. “George’s addition to our team has elevated our ability to manage accounts and deliverables in a more efficient, streamlined process and we are thrilled to have him on the team.”

A New York native, George resides in Manhattan and is a lifelong outdoor sports enthusiast, finding plenty of opportunities on weekends to pursue his passion for cycling. George credits his appreciation for land stewardship from growing up on a farm, and to his parents who instilled a respect for nature and hearty work ethic early on.

George says that the most important piece of farm wisdom he shares with his customers is to think of their landscapes in the context of plant lifecycles, and to plan ahead and budget for seasonal impacts and long term expectations.

“We are fortunate to have George on board,” noted Bruce. He never ceases to impress us with his exceptional drive and the ability to support our customers with respect and trust.”

Charles Andrianus Widens ELM’s Competitive Edge

Eastern Land Management, an award-winning, full-service commercial landscape company located in Stamford, Connecticut, anchors its mission to one thing: trust. “No one is going to buy from a person they don’t trust” is ELM’s guiding principle.

Charles Andrianus, an ELM area manager since 2014, walks the trust talk and has become an expert in the number one rule of trust building: be yourself.

“Everybody has, at some time or another, had a bad experience by someone trying to sell them something,” says Charles. “I know our customers are impatient with spin and it’s important for me to show real integrity so our customers know I’ve got their best interests at heart.”

A Stamford native, Charles is a SUNY Maritime College and Texas A&M Maritime Academy-trained merchant marine, and student of marine transportation and logistics. He also holds a 3rd Mates License from the U.S. Coast Guard, which is helpful, he says, to keep the ship of good service sailing in the right direction.

“Charles’ background in complex problem solving makes him a natural troubleshooter,” said Bruce Moore, Jr., vice president, operations. “Coupled with his positive attitude and willingness to help, he can turn a regular customer experience into an amazing one.” Charles has been on a career trajectory and has sprinted from enhancement crew leader to landscape management field manager to area manager all within two years. In the fall of 2016, Charles obtained supervisory certification to engage in commercial use of pesticides from the State of Connecticut, a responsibility that comes with particular emphasis in health, safety and deployment.

In his free time, Charles cultivates a home garden that is abuzz with pollinators. He shares his love of exotic foliage, forage plants and annual color with ELM customers and offers them this one piece of advice: to appreciate their landscape as a vibrant ecosystem, with workhorse pollinators, food chain plants and soil microorganisms all playing a vital role in the health and importance of daily life.

“Charles’ contributions will help transform ELM for the future,” says Bruce Moore. “We’re pleased to have him on our team and welcome his ability to capitalize on emerging opportunities.”