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Fine weather is here and everyone welcomes the kickoff of summer annual flower season.  This is an exciting time of year as the visual and vibrant accent to commercial sites and properties throughout Fairfield and Westchester counties arrives.  For many sites, this is the icing on the cake.

What seems to be an instant transformation began in mid-December as our custom growers planted seeds or small cuttings in their greenhouses.  ELM works closely with our grower partners on sizes, mixes and combinations and most importantly a fully sized plant with excellent root mass.  Once we are out of frost warnings, which came a bit late this year, we begin to prep and groom the beds for flowers.  If bulbs are spent, they are pulled out or naturalized into perimeter areas.  Rototilling comes next and is perhaps the key overall component which provides for root growth and water transfer.  Add some quality fertilizer and everything is in place.

Facility managers and property managers receive a lot of compliments from our flower displays.  Employees, tenants, visitors and stakeholders enjoy the colorful accents to site entries, building entries, signage and outdoor areas like patios and plazas.  Large containers of color can provide a visible and colorful draw to your main entry.

Often we are asked how we develop the wow factor to our flower displays.  It’s the unique blend of the above recipe with our design experience and horticultural knowledge.  ELM works closely with our clients to bring a unique blend of color, varying heights, specie mixes and texture highlights. For some commercial properties, it can be simple theme.  For other sites, our clients request new and ever-changing displays each year.  Either way, quality plants, quality installation and eye catching design…that’s the ELM recipe.