Did Your Landscape Move Forward Last Year?

Despite plunging temps and piles of snow, spring is near. With February coming to an end, and March 1 rapidly approaching, property and facility managers in Westchester and Fairfield counties will soon be asking themselves … did my landscape move forward last year?

As you reflect about your landscape, are you left wondering any of the following?
  • With the fertilization and weed controls in my spec – does my turf look better?
  • Were walkways, building entries, and parking lots always clean and tidy?
  • Were my shrubs pruned in a timely fashion?  Were they continually maintained?
  • Did the bed and tree ring edges stay deep and crisp?
  • Were my flowers dense, full and visually appealing?
  • Did disease or insects encroach on my turf or my plants?

As a living entity, there’s no doubt that your landscape should improve with the proper care. And, of course, through the appropriate execution of your spec, you ought to expect that your site’s landscape components move forward to your liking, and with the correct stewardship.

Service and timely delivery are also a critical part of the equation. Think back to last year. Did your provider need less of your time and oversight? Was he proactive with the issues and concerns you might not have been able to detect? Was he flexible in meeting schedule changes? Were operations performed in a safe manner with respect for tenants and employees? Was the crew in uniform? Were the trucks and equipment late models, in good shape and clean when they were on your site?

If you are finding the scorecard a bit out of balance and not up to par, now is the time to call ELM for a complimentary consultation and spec review. Don’t wait for the snow to melt for a new proposal. Instead, make this the year your site springs forward with ELM!