Your Turf Is Hungry!

Pic for Fall Fert

Now that spring is here, landscapes throughout Westchester and Fairfield counties are waking up.  The largest component of most commercial properties frequently is the turf.  Facility and property managers know when the turf looks good, a critical part of your landscape presentation is working for you.

After a record long cold spell along with spring’s wake up call, your turf is hungry!  Spring fertilization is the key to building up your turf’s fertility level in preparation for the hot summer ahead.  This is the time to get the key nutrients down to reach the root zone and go to work.

Each commercial property is different—shady zones, sunny zones, irrigated areas and non-irrigated areas are all part of choosing the right fertilizer application.  Most important though is a soil test.  Using a soil probe, representative soil samples are sent to a laboratory for a fertility and mineral analysis.  The results, in the hands of a landscape professional, become the blueprint for selecting a fertility plan which best matches your property’s unique soil structure and turf needs.

Yes, your turf is hungry.  Making the right fertility selection based on soil test data will definitely pay visual dividends in showcasing your landscape’s largest asset.