Game Plan – Snow Plan


The countdown has begun for the big game, the Super Bowl.  Broncos, Seahawks. This is the game which nearly everyone watches or at least participates.  For some it’s the football, others it’s the wings or chili at halftime and for others it’s the commercials.  For most, it’s a great time to get together with family and friends in the middle of winter.

This year’s game brings a unique potential storyline to it-what if it snows? What if it really starts coming down a few hours before the game as all those buses, limos and cars are headed to MetLife Stadium? Not good!  Imagine being one of those individuals or corporations who secured a super box for upwards of a million dollars, in a standstill, somewhere outside the stadium at kick off time.

Just like the offenses and defenses in the game, no doubt, for the snow removal team, extensive planning has taken place.  Every loader, pusher, plow truck and snow shoveler has a coverage zone, where to start, where to finish.  Entries/exits have been prioritized.  Handicap parking has a precedence.  Communication protocols for each zone leader have been dialed in.  De-icing materials (more than enough) have been stockpiled. Contingency plans (what if it’s a significant storm?) have been brainstormed and put in place.

Does your site, facility or campus have a documented snow plan?  What areas are priority one-constant clean?  Is there a slope or hill on your site which can quickly become dangerous?  Are there areas which just need to be safe and passable?  Is there a front door which only a few people use and secondary entry which many use?  What about all those emergency exits?

The best snow service providers work closely with facility directors, property managers and building owners to develop and document a snow plan/game plan.  The plan is critical to how we roll out the equipment, manpower and supervision to accomplish site safety and mitigate your risk in a consistent and cost competitive fashion.

In football and in snow removal, the winning team will be the one who prepares and executes a great plan.