Behind The Scenes: Keeping Your Site Safe.

A safe and incident-free winter experience relies on trained crews who work hard shifts and long nights. While property managers and tenants are sleeping, teams of accomplished snow and ice professionals are inspecting and clearing grounds, parking lots, curb areas, and walkways to make sure outside areas are hazard free and pedestrian-safe.

Winter jobs can be among the most tough. “During our recent ‘snowpocalyse’, ELM plow crews in powerful equipment worked two 16-hour shifts, from 4 in the morning to 10 at night to reduce client risk,” said Bruce Moore, Jr., operations vice president. “Ongoing training makes all the difference in the ability to deliver.”

To keep performance expectations high, ELM invests in SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association)-accredited training programs for advanced snow management professionals.

“ELM is all about putting our reputation on the line for quality and safety, and every member of our team is working together towards a common goal,” said Bruce. “Currently we have three Advanced Snow Managers, a specialized fleet of more than 100 snow removal machines and equipment, weather forecasting technology, and at least 200 trained people who take pride in keeping more than 1 million square feet of commercial properties clear and accessible.  That’s the most impressive thing to me,” he added.

To learn more ELM’s winter services and emergency response strategies, go to:

Or contact Bruce Moore @ 203.316.5433.

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