A Salt Eco-Friendly Plan For The Winter

Snow Plowing in CT

As we head into the winter season, facility managers in Westchester and Connecticut are concerned about what happens with the treatments of salt on roadways and walkways when potential residual salt may remain on the treated surface. For this reason, ELM is prepared with plenty of a more environmentally-friendly road salt. Site safety and timely accessibility are what property managers place first.

Substantial amounts of salt are needed to keep roads safe in mid to large sized snow and ice storms.  In fact, about 275 to 350 tons of salt are used by ELM crews in a 3 to 5-inch snowstorm. Utilizing a treated salt product, ELM provides both site safety and less salt damage to your landscape  Another benefit, the treated salt the works faster and retains its deicing ability at lower temperatures.

Here at the ELM facility, we mix our own custom product, spraying liquid additives into the salt to improve its potency. Calcium chloride is added in and provides efficacy in low temperatures when salt becomes ineffective. This high quality product reduces the overall amount of salt needed on the roadways and parking lots by nearly 30%. This in turn, becomes a money saver for our clients and lessens environmental impact.

Even in winter, ELM is working as part of your building and property’s overall sustainability plan.  Your commercial site will benefit from less quantity of salt material, which is  more effective at lower temperature, more environmentally friendly and provides cost savings…it’s a win-win for all.