Spring Has Sprung. Just as Mother Nature Planned.

Spring has Sprung!

As recent as 10 days ago, thanks to significant snow falls and falling temperatures, spring seemed like a distant memory. Somehow, just like it was supposed to happen, spring has sprung. (At least started to, anyway!)

To say that this winter has been a challenge for commercial property managers is an understatement. Adding 60 inches or more of snow in a 45 day window plus a few frozen pipes to all that you are already juggling, is sometimes, no easy feat.

We understand that a few items may have fallen off the “to-do” list, and if you haven’t secured a landscape provider for the upcoming season, it’s not too late.

Just as we have around this same time for nearly 40 years, ELM is gearing up for spring and summer landscape services. As the snow recedes and the grass starts to show, property managers and facility directors want their landscapes to be quickly transformed.

That’s right, we have been planning for it even during the heaviest of snow storms. With our experience and expertise garnered over years in rapidly making this transition, we will be kicking off our spring cleanups this week as (most) of the plows and spreaders are put away.

A key part of our planning process is our capacity to assimilate new sites. We are ready to respond to your immediate needs. We perform no-cost site evaluations, all facets of landscape maintenance, turf applications and the latest in landscape irrigation systems. Our experienced crews and outstanding area mangers are ready to improve your landscape presentation for your tenants, employees and ownership.

Let us show you the ELM difference in quickly converting your landscape from winter to spring — just like it was planned. Call today to find out more.