Is it time to review your commercial landscape for the upcoming season?

Commercial property landscaping

While remaining snow may be still prevalent, this should not take you away from your tasks. Spring is close and property managers and facility directors in Westchester and Fairfield counties need to start reviewing their sites for the upcoming season. When reviewing your site, you should start thinking if your property moved forward last year. This is the time to start thinking about improving your landscape with proper care.

Here is when ELM will come in handy and will give you some steps for preparing your site for spring:

  • Remember to check the conditions of hardscape, walkaway roads and parking lots.
  • Look for tree limbs that have been broken or compromised and that could cause safety hazards.
  • Do a second walk-through to pin down damage to shrubs and ground cover.
  • Evergreens exposed to this winter and the cold temperatures may need liquid fertilization in order to return them back to health.
  • Start thinking about what kind of appearance you want to give to your property: Do you want dense flowers and visually appealing? What will enhance the curb appeal of your commercial property?
  • By the end of the winter season, we will be able to see all the turf areas. Unfortunately, between all the changes during the winter, damage will be evident, creating a need for see or for a sod repair plan.

Remember that setting up you goals for the season as well as reviewing your commercial landscape are crucial steps in order to maintain the curb appeal of your property. If you need any guidance through the process, remember that at ELM we will be happy to assist you. We will work closely with you to achieve the goals that will enhance your property from the ground up!