Do you know what is going on with your landscape?

Believe it or not, in your landscape, there are several moving parts which need constant attention: landscape maintenance, irrigation, turf applications, pest management, and plant health care (between many others). For all of these needs you need the integrated approach of a comprehensive landscape service provider.

Your service provider should guarantee that your property is walked through and inspected. The inspection of your property will give you the chance to catch the issues and problems in your landscape. Your provider also has the responsibility to integrate all the operational aspects to meet the needs of the changing seasons. Remember that sometimes you do not know what is going on with your landscape, but for this reason choosing a partner with a self-managed approach will keep you away from managing several things at the same time. You will spend your time managing your facility instead of your landscape.

At ELM we are committed, and the full complement of integrated services along with our flexibility is what separates us from the rest! We understand what is going on with your landscape, and if you have not secured a landscape provider, is not too late to sign up!